a mix of linear and finger moorings to suit all requirements

Finger Moorings

We have groups of finger moorings in various locations around the marina. Familiar to most boaters, finger moorings accept just one boat either side of the staging. At North Kilworth though, our stagings are wider than normal and surfaced with a special non-slip fiberglass grid system – pet friendly and extra grippy.

Linear Moorings

Linear moorings accept more than one boat either side of the staging. The main advantage being more room to the side of your boat, lending a feeling of spaciousness to your mooring.  If your boat is less than 57′ in length, linear moorings provide the most cost effective option too, as we only charge for the actual length of your boat.


Car parking is provided at various strategic locations around the site, but for added convenience we have a number of “park-by-your-boat” areas – always useful if you aim to be coming and going on a frequent basis.

And much more..

Many hours of thought and planning have been devoted to providing the best possible experience for our moorers here at North Kilworth – some of the things you would expect and maybe some features you wouldn’t have thought of:

  • Water to every stage
  • Trace heating to prevent taps freezing
  • Electricity by pin-code/key-fob
  • Direct control of electricity spend via customer portal
  • Wide non-slip stagings
  • Free high speed wi-fi
  • Secure access by pin-code/key-fob
  • Path & staging low level lighting