More photos

We’ve updated our gallery page with a selection of new photos showing how close we are to completion. Here’s hoping for a dry summer and we should be about on-target: Gallery

We're exhibiting at Crick Show banner

Visit us on stands WW45-46

We’ll be at Crick again this year in the main marquee, so whether you’ve already reserved a mooring or are thinking of doing so, why not pop along for a chat and an update on how things are going – after all it won’t be long now before we’re open for business.

Main Building Steelwork Complete

With the weather still smiling on us (relatively speaking) we’ve managed to get the main building steelwork completed in good time. Check out this aerial fly-by – really shows what an impressive structure this is going to be:

Stagings completed and office construction underway

Our target for completing the stagings before Christmas was met – by 2 days!

This means everyone is now free to concentrate on getting the buildings up and the utilities connected. This is great news because now we’re out of the “hole” we’re less susceptible to spells of wet weather and progress towards completion can carry on without interruption.

Summer 2016 Update

A short video showing how staging construction is progressing and how the site has greened up over the summer with the trees maturing and wildlife getting established. You really begin to see what an idyllic place this is going to be to base your mooring.

Staging Construction Started

The custom designed stagings have finally been delivered and we’re working flat-out to get them installed – not a quick job, there are over 500 individual sections to be bolted together and lifted into place!

We’re very proud of these stagings though, they’re to our own design and as far as we know unlike anything anywhere else. The frames are galvanised steel, cleverly constructed to incorporate service channels to every berth without any visible wiring or piping spoiling the aesthetics. The frames support fibregrip walkways, providing a non-slip and effectively self-cleaning surface. At 3 feet wide, the walkways are also considerably wider than average, making it easy to wheel trolley’s etc. right up to your boat. For more pictures see our Gallery.

Workshops begin to take shape

The base for the workshops is beginning to take shape. From the left, you can see the entrances for the carpentry, engineering (widebeam capable) and paintshop. On the right is the lift-out area (also widebeam capable).